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Att designa användarupplevelser

We help you create better user experiences. At the moment we have three campaign offers!

Design is important in today’ world. We are not just talking about the colour and shape, i.e. what we can see. It has become essential to design services that people actually enjoy using. A good user experience is completely crucial for creating benefit for your customers, and satisfied customers generate profitability for your operations. We’ve developed three specific offers for people who want to take the step and invest in usability and customer benefit. We are currently offering an excellent hourly rate for the offers below. (Applies from 30 June)

Expert evaluation

Why This is an effective way of discovering anything that is missing from a service. How The work is based on proven UX methodology and contributes to greater usability based on a relatively small amount of input. What The expert evaluation is compiled into a final report with feasible and prioritised action proposals. This enables the work in the future to be clear and focused.

User experiences

Why User tests allow you to understand the users and their concrete needs, creating greater benefit. How Observing users in action is by far the most effective way of understanding which challenges they face and what should be prioritised. What The final delivery contains a test report with prioritised action proposals. This test report means that you do not have to guess what the next investment will be; the answer is there in black and white.

Management by objectives

Why To streamline work and increase benefit by working methodically and in a targeted way. How We carry out impact mapping together to get an understanding of how you can optimise both business and customer benefit. What You will end up with an impact map that has concrete and measurable goals, which contribute to better services and better clients.