Trainee programme

Trainee programme

In February 2020 a new round of Gate 1 gets underway – our trainee programme for IT consultants. As well as securing a job at Softronic, this is an excellent chance to quickly start work on real assignments with deliveries to customers, while you are studying on a comprehensive induction course. The programme focuses on systems development in Microsoft and the Java environment and testing. This training is intertwined with an introduction to the role of consultant at Softronic.

Gate 1 – Trainee programme at Softronic

We are on the hunt for recent graduates who have studied civil engineering or systems analysis. But we are not just looking for anyone; we are looking for people who want to make this their career and who want to shoulder the responsibility of being a leader, both in terms of ideas and actions, at our customers’ premises and in our assignments. To be selected, you must have experience of systems development and/or testing (for example, your thesis, work during your studies or project work). We would also like you to have good academic qualifications.

The trainee programme is based in Stockholm.

Does this sound exciting?

If you are interested in the role of consultant or enjoy tackling new problem areas, we think that you should apply. The application period starts in December 2019.

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Film What it is like to be a trainee at Softronic

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