Softronic is an important partner in our aim to lead the way in showing how an authority can use digitalisation both to work with others and to achieve their own goals.

Britt Grevér Eriksson, IT Strategy Manager

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency plays a central role in environmental issues, working in a proactive, supportive and unifying way in the implementation of environmental policies. It is responsible for issues surrounding climate and air, land, biodiversity, contaminated sites, recycling and waste, environmental monitoring and environmental research. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency works to achieve the generational goals of the environmental work and the environmental quality goals set by the Riksdag (Swedish government). The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency proposes measures to develop this environmental work where necessary.

Softronic is a strategic partner for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency as it is one of Sweden’s leading authorities on digitalization. Softronic has the development and management responsibility for many of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s objects, including and the Hunter Register. We also help with project management and specialist consultancy work for several different programmes within, for example, Digital Collaboration, the Environmental Goal System, Waste Statistics and Contaminated Sites.

A lot of focus has been placed on the better and smarter use of environmental information via Open Data. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency looks after the environment and wants to lead by example in their internal digitalization not only to achieve their own environmental goals, but also to be an effective, modern and attractive employer.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency wants to promote itself as a modern public authority, so it works with Softronic, for example, to introduce a modern interface using Office 365, including digital meetings and the introduction of modern cloud technology.