An unusually fun project with clear goals. A project where the people who took part learnt a lot. As with any project, there were, of course, bottlenecks, difficult questions, need for tough priorities, etc., but the project always remained on track, balancing the inherent conflict between time, functionality and costs.

Ola Drewes, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency – Digitising the Hunter Register

Convenient payment and register management

To hunt in Sweden, you must pass a hunting exam and pay for a national hunting permit. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for keeping the registers of both the hunting permits and the hunting exams. As well as the hunters themselves, the Swedish National Association of Hunters, the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management, the Swedish Police and the Swedish Coast Guard are involved in the Hunter Register.

The working processes and system support for this register needed to be reviewed. Following this review, the project was implemented throughout the process, all the way from reviewing the existing working method and producing a new working method, to developing and implementing modern system support.

The challenges in this project included the manual registration of the forms that are received and inadequate system support, resulting in expensive and time-consuming administration.

This delivery provided the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency with new and modern system support, which replaced major sections of the previous manual administration.

The cost of sending out hunting permits fell, while the processing times shortened considerably. The automated processing also improved security.

The system was developed in .net and Episerver.