News | 24 Jun 2019

Sustainability in projects

Sustainability is a concept that in the broad sense of the word is about using resources in such a way that there will be enough of them in the long term, including for future generations. The classic definition of sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.

How do we at Softronic work with sustainability?

Bild på Sofia

We interviewed Sofia, an environmental coordinator, about the way we work with sustainability in projects.

What requirements (in terms of the environment and sustainability) do your customers place on you today?
“It’s mostly procurements where you find specific requirements. We normally have to answer questions that describe different parts of our systematic environmental work. So, for example, it could be describing the procedures we have in place for working on continual environmental improvements or showing how the management team is engaged in the environmental work.”

How do you make sure that Softronic can meet these requirements?
“In 2016 we received certification in accordance with ISO 14001/2015 and since then we’ve been working on complying with this and continually improving our environmental and sustainability work. We have annual external and internal audits to ensure that we are complying with this standard and our own procedures.”

Can you describe any concrete effects that the sustainability approach in projects has?
“The common benefits are less transport and less paper being used, and we also have a long-term goal to reduce electricity consumption for our servers. We’ve introduced a working method where we have to be proactive and offer suggestions to our customers that could benefit the global goals in some way.”