News | Publish date: 24 Sep 2021

Softronic is a leader at creating customer satisfaction in Sweden!

Softronic has been a leader in creating operational, tactical and strategic values for its customers in the unprecedented year of 2020, according to Radar’s major supplier quality survey.

“The results from Radar Supplier Quality 2020 show that major changes take place in the relationship between customers and suppliers, if the supplier focuses on customer intimacy, partnership and value. Being flexible, understanding and close to customers has been rewarded in 2020, as customers have been forced to focus on profitability,” says Hans Werner, CEO of Radar.

Every year Radar conducts a major survey on customer-perceived values and quality. This year more than 1,000 Swedish operations took part. They were asked to assess their IT suppliers in what was Sweden’s largest quantitative survey on customer satisfaction and customer value among IT decision-makers.

“We are, of course, extremely grateful that we were in the top 5 in the Business-Oriented IT category. Although the pandemic year of 2020 has left its mark, the good working relationship that we continue to have with our customers has allowed us to keep on delivering our services with a high level of quality. Radar’s major supplier quality survey has really proved this,” says Per Adolfsson, CEO of Softronic.

Per concludes:

“Thank you to all our employees and customers for making this possible.

This is the sixth time that Softronic has come in the top five.



Per Adolfsson CEO, Softronic AB (Publ)
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