News | 21 Aug 2019

Meet Victoria Bohlin – a new member of Softronic’s Board of Directors

Victoria Bohlin joined the Board of Directors of Softronic this spring. She is a welcome addition and is looking forward to contributing to the work of Softronic’s Board. Victoria has extensive experience in consultancy and healthcare. Victoria is currently the CIO of the healthcare company Capio, which operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and France. Victoria is responsible for their Nordic IT operations. She focuses a lot of her time on the digitalisation of healthcare, both in the provision of healthcare, but also in the ability for patients to be more involved in their care via the digital services.

“I’ve been involved at all stages in the consultancy industry, from delivering and selling services, to recruiting consultants and leading and developing operations. At Capio I’m also the person who purchases consultancy services. So it’s a natural step forward for me to work for a Board of Directors in the consultancy industry. It feels a bit like ‘coming home’. This is an industry I know,” says Victoria.

Victoria graduated as an economist from the Gothenburg School of Economics and since then has spent many years in the consultancy industry, as a management consultant, consultancy manager and partner.
“I’ve also had a lot of experience from the public sector. You could almost say that I have worked for them, as the public sector is almost the exclusive customer and partner of privately-owned healthcare companies in Europe. I’ve worked in management for different companies for many years, which gives me a solid foundation.”
When it comes to the general challenges in this industry, Victoria thinks that here in Sweden we have the kind of demography that results an increasing number of people being supported by increasingly fewer people. This means that we have to increase productivity in society.

“There is a great need to continually increase production and this will take place through, for example, digitalisation, particularly in the public sector. Softronic currently has a strong position in digitalisation, particularly in the public sector. This is something we can develop even more,” says Victoria.

She continues:
“The Swedish Tax Agency is a role model for digitalisation among government authorities and Softronic has been involved in this, opening up new potential.”
The consultancy industry shares many challenges with many other industries, which, according to Victoria, includes competition getting tougher all the time that is pushing down the prices of consultancy services.

“The procurements in the public sector are a good example of this,” says Victoria. At the same time every company wants to continually increase their competence, so that they can strengthen their competitiveness and retain and attract new competence.”

When Victoria is not working, she enjoys skiing and she has a flair for golf. She also enjoys travelling with her family.
“My days are filled with work, doing some exercise at Friskis or on the running tracks, or helping with my kids’ sport. We do a lot of exercise in our family and we share an interest in many different kinds of sport,” concludes Victoria.