Application management

Softronic’s application management delivers management and application management for the business-critical applications of several customers. We provide a holistic offering, from the management of the hardware and networks to administrative application management that includes, for example:

  • Monitoring at the application level
  • Periodic runs (batch runs)
  • Results check
  • Installation of new software and versions
  • Customised SLA levels.

Application support

Softronic’s application support strives to be experts in the applications that we provide. We have extensive knowledge of this and offer support that includes, for example:

  •  User support
  • Corrections of items in applications
  • BI, data sockets from applications
  • Error reporting


An application rarely operates as a stand-alone function, but is integrated with other actors and other systems. This is something we are used to and we integrate your applications with established standards. We also offer output services, including:

  • Print and mailouts.
  • Kivra (for a digital mailbox)
  • Document archive
  • E-invoice


Emil Bengtsson
Telefon: 070-881 30 92