Information security

Do you need better control of your information security? Do you have all the routines and tools in place?

Information security is about preventing information from being leaked, distorted or destroyed. It is also about making information easily accessible when it is needed and to the right people.

Information is at the heart of your operations, which is why your operations need to be adapted to:

  • Protect the information and therefore your stakeholders
  • Honour agreements and maintain trust
  • Secure internal processes
  • Comply with legislation

Softronic has many years’ experience of information security work and IT security, and we are also certified in accordance with the established standard ISO 27001.

We can offer advice and support for producing, for example:

  • A CURRENT SITUATION analysis in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • A CURRENT SITUATION analysis for information security as a whole
  • An EFFECTIVE working method for GDPR
  • An INFORMATION SECURITY function and associated processes adapted to the needs that emerge from the current situation analysis.


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