Insurance system

We at Softronic build insurance systems that last in the long term and integrate effectively with an existing environment.

An understanding of insurance is built into each solution. Competitiveness is created from our ability to improve and adapt to new opportunities and new requirements.

Tomas Anderberg

Insurance system

Softronic develops tools that support more efficient processes for insurance administration, making the most of the momentum for change and convenience in today’s IT platforms.

We have extensive experience of the insurance industry, helping us to look at the entire workflow through the customer’s eyes. Using structured and accurate information, we create the right conditions for automating and continually improving risk assessments, claims administration and additional processes.

This can start by replacing a paper health declaration form with a web-based intelligent procedure that adds considerable value through shorter lead times, less manual checking and higher quality. Softronic builds insurance systems that last in the long term and integrate effectively with an existing environment.

The close relationship between the user and the developer means that we can quickly adapt the solution to changes in the customer’s business and to new requirements from the market and the surrounding world.

Digital advice for insurance

At Softronic we have been working for some time on developing a platform for the Digital Sales of insurance. Our aim has been to create a digital sales process where the customer is given advice on their insurance needs and can choose to buy insurance online.

If the product requires a health declaration, there is also support for digital health declarations. It is an independent platform that can supplement our customers’ current systems. We believe that a good approach is to test how it works in practice.

We have therefore created a demo environment where you and your colleagues can try it out in reality. All you have to do is to click “Test our digital sales process” and try buying insurance in a fully digital way, right from the start to the finish.

We would like to point out that products, premiums and contractual payments are one example and might not reflect a real business transaction.

Test our digital sales process (Swedish only)

If you have questions please contact Tomas Anderberg: or 070-881 31 52.

Johan Andersson