Member system / MRM

The changes in the market mean that organisations must be better at meeting their members on their terms: communicating the relevant service and services in channels that suit them. A modern member system needs to support these requirements, while reflecting the digital developments in the surrounding world. Today it is no longer given to be a member of a member organisation. It is therefore more important than ever to convince potential and existing members about the value of membership.

MRM generates value for member organisations

Working closely with our customers, Softronic has built up a deep understanding of membership operations and created an effective product for membership management – MRM (Member Relationship Management). One of the major strengths of MRM is that this product has been developed and optimised over time with the help of a wide range of users. This ensures a high level of efficiency in the most central processes, for example, fee and task management. It provides a firm foundation for continued growth, without incurring high costs for maintenance, upgrades and development.Softronic’s MRM is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is currently the most common standard platform for trade unions, member organisations and trade associations.