Vklass offers schools attractive solutions for administration and communication between students, teachers and parents.

Vklass combines wonderful graphics with user-friendliness and accessibility for all. The success lies in offering students a learning platform packed with content that is similar to the one they are used to on Facebook, for example. Vklass provides the students with access to communication with their teachers and school friends online, and a private area for their own texts, music and pictures.

Vklass – attractive solution for schools

Teachers and school management can find all the functions they need for individual development plans, teaching materials, test results, assessments, class lists with photos, mass mailouts by SMS, statistics for attendance and sick leave. Vklass is delivered as a cloud service (SaaS), with all schools in the same system. This means that a teacher from Trelleborg can discuss and share teaching materials with teachers in, for example, Botkyrka or Karlstad.

As a parent, you can quickly find your child’s individual development plan, attendance statistics, assessments and weekly timetable. It is easy to register your child’s leave or sick leave. Weekly letters, information about development talks and shared files at the school are brought together here. Softronic has been working with Vklass from the start. We can now help to further develop and manage this.