What does customer service of the future look like?

News | Publish date: 29 Oct 2019

We interviewed Dan Milestad, a member of the panel at the Framtidens Kundservice (Customer Service of the Future) conference that took place on 6–7 November in Kista.

This conference aims to reach out to participants who want to create world-class customer service that focuses on the customer. For two days participants will get the chance to learn how companies are working to transform the customer service of the past into a modern customer centre.

You are going to be one of the people on the panel discussing customer service of the future. What expectations do you have of being on the panel?
“The panel contains representatives from several different private companies and public organisations, which will bring many different perspectives to the issues. It’s going to be incredibly interesting and exciting to listen to and discuss the various challenges that each participant faces in their own sphere.”

What contribution will you be able to make?
“I represent both the customer and the supplier, as I’m a private individual for 16 hours a day. As a private individual, I’m able to help by describing the expectations that I have as a customer when choosing between different companies. If a company has poor customer service, they will lose me as a customer almost immediately. As a supplier I want to take the drama out of the process of introducing digital employees or ‘AI chatbots’ to quickly improve customer service.

We now have simple tools that boast high quality and can quickly help improve customer service from ‘OK’ to ‘World Class’. Other effects that you gain from introducing a digital employee is that the same kinds of tasks are always dealt with in the same way and with the same level of quality. A digital employee never has a bad day. Another challenge that many customer service organisations face is high staff turnover. If you can remove repetitive and monotonous tasks by having a digital employee, it will make customer service work more challenging and varied for each individual employee.”

How do you think customer service will change in the future?
“Customer service will have to offer a high level of automation so their customers can get help 24/7 every day of the year.”

Softronic will also be exhibiting at the conference – what are you going to be showing?
“We’re going to show some good examples of digital employees, which are already creating value for our customers. We also want to take the drama out of introducing a digital employee by showing simplicity and speed in a project that quickly creates customer benefit.”

What do companies need to do to if they want to take the next step and purchase Conversational AI?
“If operations take an ‘outside in’ approach, they will realise that introducing, for example, Conversational AI is not a question of ‘if’ but simply a question of ‘when’. But you also need courage to introduce a digital employee and quickly get it up and running in production itself. It is only when the digital employee starts dealing with real customers that the continual improvement journey starts and the benefits start to accelerate.” How and why? “Come and visit us at our stand and we will tell you more!”


If you would like to know more about how Softronic can help you implement ‘Conversational AI’, contact:

Dan Milestad
Tel. no.: +46(0)70-691 44 97
Email: dan.milestad@softronic.se

Our AI team has more than 30 years’ experience between them of introducing ‘Conversational AI’/chatbots in different sectors. Our project deliveries quickly result in huge benefits to the operations and a better customer experience:

  • 80% of all users receive the help they need through the chat
  • 92% think they are dealt with in a friendly way
  • 98% accuracy in the answers in the chat