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Softronic, has the ambition to become a leading Good Tech company when it comes to offering innovative digital solutions that contributes to a more sustainable future. Softronic help our customers create innovative and reliable digital services, which are meant to simplify people’s lives and jobs.

Our speciality is to take long-term responsibility in everything from fixed-price projects to outsourcing assignments lasting many years. Most of our customers have been with us for decades and they give us high marks in customer satisfaction surveys.

We are at our best when the customer needs a consultant who is both an advisor and a supplier. This places high demands on us, but gives the customer considerably more added value.

Our customers think that we are large enough to offer the best expertise, delivery reliability and quality, but they also think that we are small enough to be able to prioritize their needs and ensure that they feel valued.

Our consultants have extensive business expertise and knowledge of the latest technology. Their average experience of the IT industry is more than ten years.

Reports for 2022

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Reports for 2021

Softronic_annual report 2021_english

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