Security certified – ISO27001

Softronic’s security certification has a direct impact, as the business concept is to take overall responsibility for turnkey IT deliveries. Requirements are continually getting stricter for the way our customers handle their information security, for example, the Swedish Data Protection Ordinance. This ordinance and all of the existing and heightened regulations will place tougher demands on the customers’ operations. Softronic delivers, for example:

  • Safe, guaranteed and accessible development, operation and management of business-critical applications. Preferably in the form of overall assignments using modern outsourcing.
  • Qualified advice and support for our customers in order to gain control and management of their information and IT security.
  • Implementation of management systems in accordance with ISO27001 for our customers.

Proof of systematic information security work

This certificate is proof that Softronic conducts systematic information security work, and that its management system for information security meets the requirements in standard ISO 27001:2013. As part of our management system, we also make demands on our suppliers and their services/products.

“We achieved this certification because of the high level of commitment from our employees. Our customers have responded extremely positively to this,” says Johan Malmborg, Head of Security Issues for the Group.

“Certification in accordance with ISO27001 is essential for all suppliers that understand how to handle the customers’ systems in a complex and demanding market,” says Anders Eriksson, CEO of Softronic AB.

Download: Softronic-27001-Certificate

Charlotte Eriksson