CEO vision

A company must strive to survive on its own, no matter who owns or runs the company. The best way to do this is to have a corporate culture that stands out from the crowd, so both customers and employees feel that the company is special for them.

Company culture

Company culture is not something that can be created through campaigns or quick visionary ideas from the management team. It is something that blossoms from many years of hard, consistent work from the owners, Board, management team and employees. It is the approach you take when doing business and delivering results for customers and the company.

Softronic always takes a long-term approach in everything from building the company to dealing with the customers on a day-to-day basis. The vision is therefore to live and learn, and that the journey is more important than the destination.

We can see no intrinsic value in growing or delivering short-term results, if this is at the expense of our fundamental principles – giving our customers long-term results.

Every day we work to be creative in our customer dialogues, so that we can improve our customers’ operations using our knowledge of the latest technology and the best way to use this on a case by case basis.

This normally involves standing very firm to our belief that an improvement project can help a customer. We are prepared to take responsibility in every way that is commercially viable. We are one of the few companies that take on major fixed-price projects. We also promise guaranteed results in many cases. Last, but not least, we never give up… We always deliver. Even if we encounter problems in the projects.

This also means that we get extremely close to our customers. We prefer to work with our customers towards shared goals, rather than be a consultant on the sidelines. We deliver confidence.

Even when we act as traditional advisory consultants, we use these qualities. We never let our customers down and always say what we think. We have high integrity.

Of course, we are also paid well for this unique approach. However, if you compare us with our traditional competitors, we believe that the benefit we offer in relation to our price makes us extremely competitive.

So our vision is therefore to be hard-working, to take a long-term approach and to go on a challenging and incredible journey with our customer towards each goal.

Every satisfied customer leads us to the next satisfied customer, providing us with higher sales and profit.

Charlotte Eriksson