Our Code of Conduct is at the heart of how we develop and live up to our business ethics.

It is only natural that we comply with all the laws and regulations; this is an absolute requirement for all of Softronic’s operations. The Code of Conduct sets out the rules and guidelines for our commercial behaviour and our responsibility towards colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders and authorities.

Business ethics is about how we behave towards each other and towards the world around us. Every employee of Softronic is responsible for following the rules and guidelines that promote Softronic’s values.

The company is eager for all employees to know and apply our Code of Conduct in a way that helps to create a good business that engenders trust and satisfaction.

The Code of Conduct applies to everyone who works for the business, Board members, managers, staff, sub-contracted consultants, and anyone else who represents Softronic in any way on our market.

Download: Directive Code of Conduct Softronic

Charlotte Eriksson