We have built smart, sustainable solutions from the start using innovative technology. Collaborating closely with our customers over a long period of time promotes a creative partnership, where we can work together to produce sustainable solutions that have a real competitive edge.

Softronic works actively with Agenda 2030 – the UN’s 17 global development goals. Most of our customers also work with this agenda, so these challenges form a natural part of our business. Our solutions therefore contribute to a smarter and more sustainable world. This is something we are proud of! Sustainable solutions for the needs of today – and the future

Many of our solutions currently deal with greater efficiency and democratisation in member organisations, digitisation in schools and healthcare, more sustainable industrialisation, optimised travel and transport solutions, and greater accessibility in the work of public authorities and for new arrivals.

Our customer base has given us a high level of exposure over a long period of time to sustainable solutions that can meet challenges such as a population that is increasing and getting older, stricter environmental requirements for the transport and travel industry, urban growth, and the demographic challenges surrounding new arrivals.

New technology adapted in the right way is essential for success Just like many of our customers, we believe that we have only just started on our journey towards real digitisation. We have many ongoing dialogues about innovation with new and existing customers, including topics such as AI, Smarter Cities, the IoT in industry, greater digitisation for healthcare and authorities, and Foodtech. Holistic responsibility lays the foundation for sustainable solutions over time We are experts in the management and operation of entire business systems, and we have realised that innovative, sustainable solutions normally have the greatest impact when many parties have to work together as part of a larger ecosystem.

As Softronic is in a position to take holistic responsibility, we can continually optimise our customers’ solutions using a sustainability perspective between our own operations, outsourcing to Softronic within Sweden, in our hybrid clouds or in a pure cloud environment, taking the relevant rules and regulations into consideration.

Charlotte Eriksson, CEO 


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