Quality Policy

For Softronic, quality is one of the most important cornerstones of our deliveries. We always work to ensure that our operations and deliveries are of the highest possible quality so that our customers are satisfied. We take a long-term approach to our customer relationships and place a lot of importance on the quality that we deliver both to our customers and also internally with each other. We are convinced that our goal-oriented, long-term quality work, combined with the best employees in the sector, is one of the reasons why we have been profitable for so many years.

According to Radar’s major supplier quality survey (Swedish) in 2023, Softronic had the most satisfied customers in Sweden. We are a leader in creating operational, tactical and strategic values for our customers, which proves that we maintain the high level of quality that our customers demand.


Softronic’s Quality Policy has been produced to set out Softronic’s overall objective and governance in its quality work. Softronic’s quality management system and operational quality work enable us to deliver the right quality to our customers.

Softronic will:

  • work to secure and retain our customers’ trust
  • work to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction
  • ensure compliance with laws, ordinances, regulations and other rules that we and our customers have to follow in our customer relationships and deliveries
  • perform customer-oriented quality work with a focus on continuous improvements.

In addition:

  • all operations within Softronic will be performed in accordance with established processes, routines and agreed quality criteria
  • Softronic will allocate the staff needed to perform robust and structured quality work
  • Softronic will invest in innovation and continuous improvements in our deliveries
  • Softronic will adopt a risk-based approach to quality in deliveries and related customer communication
  • employees and, where applicable, sub-consultants/subcontractors, will demonstrate a good awareness of Softronic’s quality work and good knowledge of their own responsibilities in the deliveries they are involved in
  • Softronic will work to certify both Softronic and its employees; this will be in areas where certifications link the Softronic brand and deliveries with quality, trust and competence
  • Softronic will embrace existing standards and best practice in all relevant contexts
  • follow up and communicate comments received, deviations reported, and risks and opportunities identified.

The quality policy will be regularly revised, at least once a year, to ensure that it is kept up to date.

Read policy here (swedish) Quality policy

Download here: Diploma Softronic 2023


If you have any questions about how Softronic works with quality issues, please contact Mathias Kjellberg or your customer manager at Softronic.