Environmental policy

Softronic works to reduce the environmental impact

We promote sustainability and prevent pollution from our operations within the framework of what is financially viable, by proactively reviewing our working methods and constantly following the laws and other environmental requirements from society, customers and other stakeholders.

Lower environmental impact

Softronic works to reduce the impact on the environment by streamlining within IT and through IT, by offering IT technology with a good environmental performance, a high proportion of cloud services (SaaS) and other solutions for greener IT.

This long-term approach goes hand in hand with looking after the environment, assuming our environmental responsibility, and working for a more efficient use of resources and greater environmental awareness in our projects by making continual improvements, both in our internal operations and in our travel habits.

Taking a long-term approach has always been the driving force in our organisation, as we work for mutual trust with long-lasting customer partnerships.

Softronic was listed on the stock exchange in 1998 and since then we have confirmed our position as a successful IT consultancy firm, offering a wide range of services in, for example, advice, development and management, often on site at our customer’s premises.

Environmental policy Softronic (in Swedish)

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Charlotte Eriksson