News | Publish date: 30 Aug 2021

Chatbot vs Chatbot – differences and challenges

What is the difference between different kinds of chatbots used in customer service? What challenges do companies and organisations face when introducing them? Can chatbots become a communication hub in the customer service of the future? Can your investment in a chatbot be used for more automation services than just chats? How can organisations work together to achieve a cost-effective development and future management of chatbots?

For answers to all of these questions, listen to the Automated Customer Service conference on 11 February, which will be presented by Dan Milestad. Dan Milestad is the Head of Sales and Delivery for all of Softronic’s chatbot projects. He has more than five years’ experience of delivering intelligent chatbot solutions to both the private and public sectors.

Can you give examples of the biggest challenges you face when introducing a chatbot?

“What you need to understand the most is how to train a chatbot’s understanding. As human beings, we express ourselves in different ways even when we mean the same thing. So the challenge is to get the chatbot to always understand the intention (intent) of what is written in a conversation. So it’s incredibly important that the people ‘building’ the chatbot’s knowledge know all about the operational areas involved, that they have linguistic creativity and that they are highly skilled in training and improving a chatbot.

Other questions and challenges for companies include what to call the chatbot, and what the chatbot needs to know about themselves and the world around them. The tonality and language used by the chatbot are also crucial. It’s important, of course, for the chatbot to fit in with the organisation and feel like a natural part of the customer service, service desk, etc.

Finally, it’s essential to analyse conversations with the chatbots at all times, so that you can continually improve the chatbot and further develop its knowledge in the operational areas that it needs to master.”

If you would like to know more, listen to the Automated Customer Service conference on 11 February or contact Dan Milestad whose details are below.