We want to use digitalisation to help find new solutions that make life easier for the people living in our community. We also need to free up time for our employees to spend more time on more specialised tasks.

Maria Dahl Torgerson, Head of Communication and Digitalisation for Södertälje Municipality

Chatbot – Södertälje Municipality

Södertälje Municipality is taking a shared approach to digitalisation to make the most of digitalisation’s ability to create new and effective digital working methods. Digitalisation is important to manage the municipality’s core activities: to deliver the best possible welfare and public services to people living in Södertälje, and to companies and visitors, with transparency and good availability.

Södertälje Municipality’s digitalisation process

The Contact Centre has launched the Kommun-Kim chatbot (a way for the municipality to provide information to its citizens). This chatbot offers the citizens another way to access the municipality. The idea is for Kim to increase the availability of the Contact Centre and make life simpler for the people living in the municipality as many questions can be dealt with and answered at every hour of the day.

Activity in Kommun-Kim 24/7.

The technology behind Kim is a branch of artificial intelligence called “natural language processing and machine learning”.


People in Södertälje can use Kommun-Kim as another way to access the municipality and it increases the availability of information in a modern and more personal way.

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