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Softronic offers innovative digital solutions that contributes to a more sustainable future. We help our customers create innovative and reliable digital services, which are meant to simplify people’s lives and jobs. This is what we call GoodTech – technology for a sustainable society.

We are always looking for more colleagues who want to share our ambition: to develop innovative IT that can make the world a little better.
We strive to give our customers the latest technologies from AI and automation to UX and IT operation and management. In that work, we usually have an advisory role working close with our customers. Sometimes a solution we propose is based on an existing product, sometimes we develop a unique solution right from the start.

Another aspect of what we do is that we help our customers to develop innovative and reliable services that simplifies people’s lives and jobs. It can be how to seek care online, how to get faster help when you need an unemployment insurance fund or when you need quick answers from the municipal services. In this way, we and our technology become a positive force in society and part of making the world a little more sustainable. This is what we call Good Tech.

We offer various assignments in different industries, where you get the chance to work close to the customer with new technology and solve our customers most important problems. And since Softronic is a knowledge company, competence development and knowledge sharing is a priority for us. For those of you who come to us directly from your school, we can offer one of the market’s best trainee programs – Gate 1 – which gives you a great start in your career.

Sandra Madstedt
In my job as development manager for CM1 (a product to counter money laundering), I get to represent Softronic in many different forums. At a customer where my team can offer the best product and really act as GoodTech and as inspiration for new employees when they are interviewed for their first possible consulting assignment. I see Softronic as a familiar IT consulting company that sees the individual and where you as a person have the opportunity to grow! We support each other no matter what assignment we are in. The fact that we are close to each other, enables personal and professional development is the reason why I continue to work at Softronic.
Robin Rauséus
Softronic is a workplace with a pleasant atmosphere where you often have the freedom to choose what you want to work with. With experienced colleagues and a positive attitude towards education and knowledge sharing, there are also great opportunities for personal development.
Emmi Gereb
Working at Softronic for me is synonymous with a sustainable corporate culture where you are seen and heard. I enjoy my work tasks and I am surrounded by a fantastic team where we deliver sustainable technical solutions. At Softronic, there are always opportunities to develop. Building Wordpress sites and working with accessibility is what I work most with and am passionate about.

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In February 2020 a new round of Gate 1 gets underway – our trainee programme for IT consultants. As well as securing a job at Softronic, this is an excellent chance to quickly start work on real assignments with deliveries to customers, while you are studying on a comprehensive induction course. The programme focuses on systems development in Microsoft and the Java environment and testing. This training is intertwined with an introduction to the role of consultant at Softronic.

Gate 1 – Trainee programme at Softronic

We are on the hunt for recent graduates who have studied civil engineering or systems analysis. But we are not just looking for anyone; we are looking for people who want to make this their career and who want to shoulder the responsibility of being a leader, both in terms of ideas and actions, at our customers’ premises and in our assignments. To be selected, you must have experience of systems development and/or testing (for example, your thesis, work during your studies or project work). We would also like you to have good academic qualifications.

The trainee programme is based in Stockholm.

Does this sound exciting?

If you are interested in the role of consultant or enjoy tackling new problem areas, we think that you should contact Therese Hesselgren-Zaar for more information.
Download the brochure here!


Every year we welcome students who want to do their project work or thesis with us.

Project work or thesis at Softronic

This often involves making prototypes using new technology, or realising an innovative idea as part of a technical solution for one of our customers. It could also involve carrying out analyses and preliminary studies. We normally come up with the ideas with you, the student, so your motivation and drive are crucial to you getting a place with us.

So if you are interested in doing your thesis or project work with us, please send us an email with the following information:

  • A brief presentation of you and your education
  • Relevant experience
  • A specific interest area in industry, technology or products that could form the basis for the work
  • Any ideas for the project work/thesis>
  • When the work will be carried out

Email your application to

We look forward to receiving your application.

Women’s Lunch

What is it like to be a woman in the IT sector? This is something we discuss from time to time.

Right now we don´t have a new date set – but check in from time to time or contact us.

During the lunch –  you will get the chance to meet and ask questions to some of our female colleagues – some who have been in the IT industry for a long time, while others have just completed our Gate 1 trainee programme and have just started their career.

As well as finding out what it is like to be a woman in the IT industry, we will be discussing new technologies, the IT society of the future and how you, as an IT consultant, can be involved and make a difference.

Come here for some food and we will tell you more and answer your questions!
There are many women who work here and we would like there to be more.

Questions regarding women’s lunch contact HR, Theres Hesselgren-Zaar (
Download our Women’s Lunch flyer here!

Theres Hesselgren-Zaar