Choose to work with Good Tech. Become a part of Softronic the leading Good Tech Company.

Softronic, has the ambition to become a leading Good Tech company when it comes to offering innovative digital solutions that contributes to a more sustainable future. Softronic help our customers create innovative and reliable digital services, which are meant to simplify people’s lives and jobs.

We are always looking for more colleagues who want to share our ambition: to develop innovative IT that can make the world a little better.
We strive to give our customers the latest technologies from AI and automation to UX and IT operation and management. In that work, we usually have an advisory role working close with our customers. Sometimes a solution we propose is based on an existing product, sometimes we develop a unique solution right from the start.

Another aspect of what we do is that we help our customers to develop innovative and reliable services that simplifies people’s lives and jobs. It can be how to seek care online, how to get faster help when you need an unemployment insurance fund or when you need quick answers from the municipal services. In this way, we and our technology become a positive force in society and part of making the world a little more sustainable. This is what we call Good Tech.

We offer various assignments in different industries, where you get the chance to work close to the customer with new technology and solve our customers most important problems. And since Softronic is a knowledge company, competence development and knowledge sharing is a priority for us. For those of you who come to us directly from your school, we can offer one of the market’s best trainee programs – Gate 1 – which gives you a great start in your career.