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We are always seeking more colleagues who share our ambition: to develop leading technology with a long-term perspective on business relationships and societal benefits.

GoodTech is technology that sharpens business processes and helps people access quick and efficient public services. The sustainability aspect is integrated into all aspects, including relationships and the environmental footprint of our solutions. With us, you can work on everything from AI and automation to UX and streamlined operations. As advisors, we always base our work on the real needs of our clients, and we expect you to be stimulated by contributing your insights to achieve the best solution.

T.E.A.M: Transparency, Entrepreneurship, Accountability, Courage are our values because the team is so important to us. In the team, you work proactively and solution-oriented with your colleagues to assist customers in their progression. The work and the workplace should create enthusiasm and energy, and we actively cultivate a culture where board game evenings, running sessions with colleagues, and coffee breaks in the sun are embraced.

Softronic is a knowledge company. Competence development and knowledge sharing are priorities in order to further enhance our offerings and capabilities. If you join us directly from your studies, we can offer you one of the market’s best trainee programs, Gate 1, which provides you with a flying start to your career.

Welcome to our team!

Andela Rajic
For me, Softronic is the perfect workplace. Everyone who works here is very friendly and helpful. I have learned an incredible amount in a short period of time and truly experienced what it's like to be and work as a developer. There are also great opportunities for personal growth in other areas and to explore new technologies.
Robin Rauséus
In my role as a Junior Developer, I work in a team that is developing a website and app for a client who wants to connect businesses with schools and their students to easily offer internship opportunities. As a recent graduate, I was very well taken care of by Softronic, and all my colleagues are super friendly and helpful. I get to learn new things every day, and there is room to take responsibility and initiative, which I appreciate. The best part of working at Softronic is that I felt at home from day one, and with all the expertise within the company, it feels like there are endless opportunities for growth and development.
Hanna Christensen
Softronic is characterized by an open and flexible corporate culture. There is a great trust in the employees, and as a staff member, you are seen and given every opportunity to develop in the direction you desire. We are a large group of consultants with different skills, which creates significant opportunities for growth within the company, to try something new, and constantly develop and challenge oneself.

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Our values T.E.A.M

We are a flat organization with an open culture. We respect and value each other’s differences, share knowledge, and communicate clearly with each other and our clients.

We are also business-driven, agile, and take on complex projects. We are curious, proactive, and stay relevant in a changing world. We have the freedom to make decisions.

With freedom comes responsibility. We take individual and collective responsibility for solutions, delivery, and profitability – for ourselves, our clients, and each other.

We encourage everyone to develop and grow in their roles, take initiatives, and bring ideas to life. Every entrepreneur knows that not everything will succeed. That’s okay because the ideas that do fly, lift us all.

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Here, you will get to experience some interesting tidbits, such as meeting our employees, receiving invitations to various recruitment events, seeing available job positions, and getting insights into our culture.

The newsletter is released approximately 4 times a year.


What does it mean to be a consultant at Softronic?

The role of a consultant at Softronic involves working with one or several of our clients and projects. Softronic offers a variety of assignments in multiple industries. You will often be part of a close-knit team, working closely with the client with a long-term focus.

Being a consultant means having a willingness to share your knowledge and learn from the experiences of your colleagues. You will have access to around 430 competent colleagues, and together, we aim to create a familial and pleasant environment with a focus on lifelong learning.

As a consultant, it is your responsibility to drive your own development. We are there to support you and provide you with the tools you need, but it relies on your personal drive to learn and grow. You will often work in teams, giving you many colleagues to consult and develop together with. We offer internal competence networks, training programs, as well as external courses and education.

You will be part of a consultant group and a specific business area. Together with your consultant manager, you will discuss your development, motivations, and goals. As we offer a variety of assignments, you will have continuity in your career development and continuously grow alongside your colleagues.

To fit in as a consultant with us, we value curiosity, a willingness to take on new challenges, and being receptive to embracing new and exciting assignments.

What is it like to be a woman in the IT industry?

It’s a question we often ponder and at the same time invite women in the industry to join us for a lunch. During the lunch, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and ask questions to some of our female colleagues – some with extensive experience in the IT industry, while others have recently completed our trainee program, Gate 1, and entered the workforce.

In addition to discussing what it’s like to be a woman in the IT industry, we’re happy to talk about new technologies, the future of the IT society, and how you, as an IT consultant, can contribute and make an impact.

We have many women on our team, and we’d love to have even more.

The next lunch is not scheduled yet, but please reach out if you’re interested.

If you have any questions, please contact HR, Theres Hesselgren-Zaar (

Trainee Program

Gate 1 is Softronics trainee program for IT consultants. The program offers not only employment at Softronic but also an excellent opportunity to quickly work on real projects and deliverables to clients, alongside a comprehensive introductory training. The program will focus on system development in Microsoft and Java environments, as well as testing. The training will be combined with an introduction to the consulting role at Softronic.

Gate 1 – Trainee Program at Softronic

For the program, we are seeking recently graduated civil engineers or computer scientists. But not just anyone – we are looking for individuals who want to build a career and eventually take on leadership responsibilities in action and thought for our clients and commitments. To be one of the chosen ones, you should have experience in system development and/or testing (e.g., thesis work, projects during your studies, or other relevant experiences). Additionally, we value strong academic achievements.

The trainee program is based in Stockholm, and the program is conducted in Swedish.

Does it sound exciting?

If you are curious about the consulting role and eager to constantly delve into new problem areas, we think you should contact us.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Theres Hesselgren-Zaar for more information.

Theres Hesselgren-Zaar




Project Work or Thesis Work with Us

Every year, we welcome students who want to do their project work or thesis work with us.

Often, this involves creating prototypes of new technologies or implementing an innovative idea into a technical solution for one of our clients. It can also involve conducting investigations and feasibility studies. We usually develop the ideas together with you as a student, so your commitment and drive will be crucial in securing a position with us.

So if you are interested in thesis work or project work, we ask you to email us the following information:

  • A brief introduction of yourself and your education
  • Relevant experiences
  • Specific areas of interest within the industry, technology, or product that can serve as a starting point for the work
  • Any ideas for project work or thesis work
  • Timeframe for when the work should be conducted

Please email your application to

Warmly welcome, and we look forward to receiving your application.

Theres Hesselgren-Zaar