Formuesforvaltning – Customer portal

Greater involvement in investment decisions, an overview of investments, and greater effectiveness in terms of advice – these are the results of this new customer portal.

The aim is for this new online bank to become a major argument in the decision to be a customer of Formue.

Anders Zachrisson, Business Development Manager

Formuesforvaltning – Customer portal

The new customer portal has not only increased participation in investment decisions for Formuesforvaltning’s customers, but also increased the efficiency of its advisors.

Simplifying a product that is difficult to understand

In the past several meetings were often required to make changes to customers’ portfolios. Today’s active lifestyle results in customers wanting to share their decision-making support with their advisors to a greater extent when they are making their investment decisions.

Having joint access to an overview of the customer’s entire portfolio in real time also increases the efficiency of the advisors as they can carry out the transactions in the Advent portfolio system.