Advanced IT support for precise deliveries, coordination between head offices, delivery vehicles, flights and 140 local agents.

Softronic is delivering development quickly and efficiently. They always deliver on time and help us when necessary. Softronic understands our needs and finds good solutions most of the time.

Katarina Sundsten-Lindström, Head of IT


The transport company Jetpak targets people who need their packages delivered as quickly as possible. Jetpak delivers in the same town or city within 60 minutes. In Sweden and the Nordic countries, delivery is the same day, while it is the following day for Europe and the rest of the world.

To keep its promise of speed and precision to its customers, Jetpak enlisted the help of Softronic to design and implement an advanced business and logistics system. The system covers everything from handheld computers in Jetpak’s 700 vehicles so that drivers can search for the quickest and most cost-effective transport route, based on hundreds and thousands of possible alternatives.

Some of the modules included in the system are:

  • Booking and transport system
  • Courier and traffic management
  • Driver application for signatures, navigation and route planning
  • Integrations
  • Settlement and invoicing
  • Report and print platform
  • Operation of systems, hardware and applications

Every contact with the customer is counted

What distinguishes one package delivery from another? In the transport industry every contact with the customer is counted so that a company can distinguish itself from its competitors. Supported by Softronic, Jetpak has the perfect foundation to create satisfied customers. Work on developing Jetpak’s service is an ongoing process. For example, in 2016, a new customer application was launched that enables customers to book and track their packages on their mobiles.