Cloud – a success factor for Formuesforvaltning

The company Formueforvaltning (which means ‘asset management’ in English) had an ageing, support-intensive SharePoint environment that needed to be updated. The strategic decision was therefore taken to move the environment to the cloud. Softronic helped Formuesforvaltning to phase out its SharePoint On-Premises environment (i.e. its own servers) and transferred all the information to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online/Teams (i.e. the cloud). Softronic also supported the company by providing training for different parts of their operations, which enabled Formuesforvaltning to quickly start using these new tools.

Formuesforvaltning is Norway’s largest private equity management company and has been named Norway’s leading company in Private Banking for the past five years. Softronic is the main IT partner for Formuesforvaltning and its subsidiary Burenstam; this collaboration started in 2012.


Formuesforvaltning had been using an older SharePoint environment, which was expensive to operate and also needed to be upgraded. As parts of Microsoft 365 had already been implemented, it was an easy choice to migrate to SharePoint Online and Teams, as the technology is proven, scalable and future-proof.


Softronic has provided advice and proposed suitable technical solutions during the migration. We also moved all the data from the old SharePoint platform to suitable locations in Microsoft 365, including SharePoint Online, Teams and OneDrive. In addition to this, we supported its operations by holding workshops to help Formuesforvaltning make the most of all the opportunities in this new target environment. For example, we helped Formuesforvaltning’s staff by showing them how they can work in an efficient and structured way in Microsoft Teams.

The following elements were included in the delivery:

  • Feasibility study/analysis
  • Technical assistance
  • Configuration
  • Training
  • Project Management
  • Documentation

After the final delivery, the results of this project were handed over to Formuesforvaltning’s own management organisation.


Formuesforvaltning has gained a new platform for its document management and its internal communication. The platform is built on high security and new communication opportunities, while also being future-proof. Phasing out SharePoint On-Premises also helped to increase security and reduce operating costs. Teams and SharePoint have enabled several departments in Formuesforvaltning to start working in a more efficient and uniform way, which makes it easier for them to collaborate, whether the staff are on site in the office or working from home.