We have been working with Ticket over a long period of time, and together we have developed a holistic solution. A smooth customer experience across several different booking channels.

When we were procuring a new finance system, the conditions that we set were for the system to have a high capacity and meet security requirements, in addition to functional requirements and being able to provide cost benefits. Softronic’s cloud-based Navision solution met all these requirements.

Christer Ström, Head of IT at Ticket


Ticket’s omni-channel strategy places high demands on the business system and integrations with external booking systems.

Online retail, telephone sales and store retail must be able to work together in one single system to enable Ticket to offer its customers a consistently high level of service in all of its booking channels.

Softronic has been working for Ticket for a long time, developing a holistic solution that connects and supports all contact interfaces with the customer.

A holistic solution focusing on the customer

Working with Ticket has led to a business system that supports sales and growth, while optimising all control, finance and analysis functions.

Softronic’s industry knowledge has helped to create a “seamless” customer experience. This holistic solution has several platforms. JAVA, .NET and Microsoft products communicate with the web services.

Ticket has chosen these platforms based on the functionality it requested.