Integrity for Kommun-Kim

How is the integrity of users managed in Kommun-Kim.

IP address

We encrypt your IP address to ensure that no-one can trace the chat back to you.

Contents in the chat

Whatever you write to Kommun-Kim will be stored in a log for 31 days before being completely deleted. Kommun-Kim immediately anonymises your information if you write:

  • A number with more than 6 figures (for example, a telephone number).
  • E-mail
  • Health-related information
  • Information that states whether you are a man or a woman.
  • Information about your sexual orientation.
  • Information about your political beliefs.

“Forget me”

You can choose to delete the entire chat that you have had with Kommun-Kim. You can do this at any time by clicking the ? Icon in the chat window and then selecting Delete conversation.


We store some information about your chat, but this is only for our statistics:

  • Date and time of the chat
  • Information about which platform you used (computer, tablet or mobile phone).
  • Information about which type and version of web browser you used.


The service is not using any cookies


The municipality is responsible for Kommun-Kim. Kommun-Kim has been developed to improve the service for the users, improve response times and service levels, and help to make task management more cost effective for the municipality.

Data processing and management

Softronic AB (Corporate ID no.. 556249-0192) is the supplier of Kommun-Kim and operates from servers in Ireland through our subcontractor Boost AI AS (corporate identity number 917362394) .


If you have any questions about Kommun-Kim, contact either the municipality or the supplier at