Today’s customers often require solutions that comprise of several collaborative processes across organisational borders – just like nature’s ecosystem.

When we work together with our customers to design services within an ecosystem, we often find unexpected opportunities for collaboration between existing customers or solutions, and can effectively contribute with innovative ideas.

Mathias Kjellberg, COO Softronic


New processes and digital collaboration often take place outside the boundaries of the organisation. Ecosystems change over time, creating major opportunities for continual operational improvements and innovation.

Digitalization is taking off

For many years Softronic has been working on this challenge together with our customers. We have experience of building solutions and services that work over time and at a reasonable cost. We also have extensive experience of integrating with other service providers and are able take responsibility for ensuring that the entire ecosystem is monitored and maintained over time.

Our experience is that driving the maturity level of the ecosystem is as important as each service or solution. Our experience is also that different segment or  industry solutions often resemble each other, making it possible to reuse ideas across customers.