Managed M365

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Softronic uses Managed M365 to look after your company’s or organisation’s Microsoft M365 installation (Office365 and Windows10). We monitor and optimise this platform for your users, but also manage the security aspect of these services.

Managed M365

With Managed M365, Softronic takes care of your company’s or organization’s Microsoft M365 installation (Office365 and Windows). 

Although the M365 is easy to use, the range of services is large and constantly changing. At Softronic, we have the resources that have a grasp of how technologies, platforms and license models best suit your organization and how they should be configured and maintained.  

Benefits of Managed M365  

The Service includes proactively and reactively monitoring, maintaining and acting according to procedures on the events that may occur in the platform, for users or devices connected to it. Changes in platform configurations are implemented based on ITIL, which are initiated through operational collaboration forums and via our service desk.   

With the Managed 365 service, you only pay for what you use each month and we help you at the same time to optimize costs. The basic package includes license management, account management, advice, monitoring, reporting, updates, support, etc., but can also be expanded according to your needs regarding increased security, data protection, changes, reporting, etc.  

The service consists of: 

  • Monitoring and alarm 
  • Optimization and changes 
  • Security and data protection 
  • Device- and identity management 
  • Support 
  • Counselling 
  • Subscriptions and licenses 
  • etc

Let’s maximize your benefit with the M365 

By hiring Softronic, you get a safe and smooth journey towards the future of working. Together we make sure you get a modern and secure platform for your IT environment that your employees will find easy and efficient to use. 

With Softronic, you get over 35 years of combined expertise and experience from a variety of industries where we have implemented complete IT solutions for a variety of critical functions. 

We have been around for a long time and we will continue to be there to assist you in the future. Therefore, let our M365 specialists ensure that you maximize the use of your M365 environment in a safe and secure way. 

Fredrik Berglund