Läkarmissionen has been working with Charity since 2015 and we find this system much easier to work with than our previous system. It’s much quicker to learn the daily routines as well. The system also has a powerful analysis module, Analytics, that allows us to analyse most of what is happening in the database.

Monika Frieberg, Database and Head of IT, Läkarmissionen

Softronic Charity

Fund-raising and the CRM system Softronic Charity

Softronic Charity is a powerful turnkey solution for, for example, fund-raising and charitable organisations that need to manage donations, campaigns and relationships with donors. Softronic Charity provides a good overview of the operations and offers efficient administration. This allows the customer to focus more on their primary mission – to attract new donors and develop their relationships with existing donors.

A CRM system customised for the fund-raising sector

Softronic Charity was born out of the need for fund-raising organisations to develop their relationships with donors and to have a user-friendly system for time-consuming administration work. The system is a turnkey solution that offers fund-raising organisations considerable opportunities to work with donors and increase the number and average value of donations.

The user-friendly system is customised to support the work of fund-raising organisations. Softronic Charity enables the customer to simply and securely manage various donors and donations, administer effective lists of potential donors, and post, automate and follow up different campaigns. The system automatically retrieves the information the customer needs to develop a relationship with the donor in the right way.

Better results with full control of the donor relationship

Softronic Charity provides the customer with full control over the entire range of fund-raising activities and a better understanding of the target groups. This allows communication to be adapted, while optimising campaign results. The system’s selection models make it quick and easy to select the right target groups. The correct contact details for the people in the target groups are retrieved directly from our databases.

All event-driven activities can be entered and managed by Softronic Charity, including things like thank-you notes, deed of gifts, reports for honorary persons and welcome letters in connection with direct debits. The results can then be analysed using the system’s analysis tools. The budget and the accounting connected with the campaigns can also be managed directly in Softronic Charity.

If you have any questions, contact Peter Szmulik, peter.szmulik@softronic.se.