We worked with Softronic to develop a Swish solution that increases our members’ willingness to pay and reduces our administration. Using Swish like this feels both modern and timely.

Nicklas Björsson Mattsson, Unit Manager Byggnads Members Centre

Swish Handel

Avoid manual handling and use an automated payment process with Swish Handel.

Softronic offers its customers Swish Handel. Swish started in 2012 as a collaboration between six of the biggest banks in Sweden. It is jointly owned by Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Länsförsäkringar, Nordea, SEB, and Swedbank and Sparbankerna Getswish AB. In 2019 Swish passed seven million users and was the preferred method of online payment among 18–40 year-olds.

Softronic is a technically approved supplier, which allows us to integrate Swish Handel for our customers without having to generate individual certificates per customer.

Benefits for you as a customer:

  • The ability to push out invoices, notifications and reminders to the Swish app, which the recipient can then choose to pay or cancel.
  • There is the option to simply guide which message comes in, and if you have chosen to give an OCR number, you can easily link the payment to the correct person without any manual handling.
  • An application that can upload payments per member or a mass mailout where you can send a mailout to several people at once.
  • An API that you can integrate with, for example, a website for new entries, “My pages”, donations, etc.
  • Support agreement with Swish

Your company or organisation needs to get a Swish Handel account from their bank to get started.


For more information, contact Cia Nilsson, cecilia.nilsson@softronic.se or Emil Bengtsson, emil.bengtsson@softronic.se