Episerver (soon Optimizely)

Episerver (soon Optimizely) is a global software company that offers market-leading solutions for web content management (WCM or CMS), digital commerce and a software suite for digital marketing.

At Softronic we have extensive experience of building websites in Episerver. We work with you to take you through the entire web project until you reach your final destination; your new website! Softronic has been working with Episerver’s product suite since 2008 and has many experienced consultants with specialist competence in selected areas of Episerver’s product suite.

We implement the design and functionality that you want in Episerver and manage and further develop the solutions we have built.

A web project in any platform always starts with the strategy work. We need answers to a number of questions so that we can develop a bespoke customer solution. The questions include everything from the customer’s operations and offers, to their target groups and competitors. Knowledge based on experience combined with innovative ideas are at the heart of this digital solution.  Project management is an essential element of building a new website. A web project needs to have a detailed project plan that includes a time and resource plan, a budget and a description of other important conditions for the project. ​​

Episerver has a number of different modules that can be integrated. Softronic can help you with all of them.

Episerver Content Cloud

Episerver Content Cloud (previously Episerver CMS) is a market-leading web publishing solution and a software suite for digital marketing. By dragging and dropping content, editors and marketers can easily create, edit, and A/B test content that works automatically on all screens. Analyst reports from Forrester and Gartner name Episerver CMS as the leader in its field. Episerver Content Cloud can be bought as a cloud or on-premises service.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Move your website to the cloud with Episerver DXP and enjoy benefits such as greater flexibility, access from all devices, automatic updates, 24/7 support and robust security.

Episerver Search & Navigation

Episerver Search & Navigation (previously Episerver Find) is a cloud-based solution for Enterprise Search, which makes searches and navigation quicker and more relevant on websites and for e-commerce. This service is extremely scalable and gives you access to advanced language technology and many search functions in an easy-to-use solution, built solely for Episerver.

Episerver Visitor Intelligence (previously Episerver Insight)

Get a complete overview of visitor behaviour. Episerver Visitor Intelligence enables you to track individual profiles and customer segments more effectively. You can view data about personal preferences, transaction history, and campaign engagement– across multiple channels for each visitor or customer.

Episerver Commerce cloud

Episerver Commerce is a complete e-commerce solution that has everything you need to manage product catalogues, orders, customer data and payments in different regions. This solution also makes it easier for you to create better customer experiences. You can seamlessly combine content and product information, and use artificial intelligence to automatically personalise customer journeys.

Episerver Personalization

Visitors expect to have the right content presented to them quickly so they do not have to spend more time than necessary finding the information they want.

Using machine learning, statistics and behavioural analysis, Episerver can present personalised content and product offerings across multiple channels, without any manual configuration.

Episerver Marketing Automation (previously Episerver Campaign)

This tool helps companies quickly create, automate and adapt campaigns across all channels. This includes web, mobile, email, text, social media and the Internet of Things. This solution uses artificial intelligence and customer data to send and adapt content based on real-time behaviour. Episerver Marketing Automation automatically tracks and analyses each customer visit, click, email and purchase to provide valuable insights into customers and segments.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how Softronic can help you with your website or e-commerce.