Softronic has used InExchange to create invoice management that cuts costs for both customers and suppliers. This minimises the postage costs and helps the environment. Use a virtual printer, or if you have large volumes, a fully integrated solution in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central. Please contact us for more information.

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InExchange – electronic invoicing

By using InExchange, you can significantly reduce the amount of time taken for invoicing. You can avoid once and for all the manual work required to print out and fold invoices and put them into envelopes.

With InExchange Network, e-invoice solutions are managed for both customers and suppliers. E-invoices provide a simple and smooth invoice flow for the entire organisation.

With InExchange, you can get started quickly and send all your invoices through InExchange. We make sure that you reduce your costs and always send the invoice in the format your customer wants. In its simplest form, you install a virtual invoice printer yourself, and send all invoices via InExchange Invoice Printer. This means that you can automatically check the format that your customers can receive: e-invoice, pdf or paper.

For larger volumes, you can send all invoices in one single flow with the solution integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central. The information in the invoices is checked and delivered in a format that each customer wants; one common format is Svefaktura.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central can also receive supplier invoices from InExchange in accordance with the Peppol standard for further execution in the standard flows for purchasing invoices and authorisation.