Microsoft Gold Partner

Softronic has been working closely with Microsoft since the early 1990s. In 1992, we were made a Microsoft Solution Partner. We have been a partner for different competencies and different levels every year since then.

The reason why we place so much importance on being a certified partner is that Microsoft is at the forefront of the technology we use in our solutions. Being certified means that we maintain a high level of competence that is fully up to date.

Our partnership with Microsoft also qualifies us as a Direct Partner, which means that you can buy Azure, M365, O365 and D365 directly from us without having to go through any other company. This makes life easier for you as a customer, as you can use Softronic as your IT partner, with all your costs in one place, and minimise the number of suppliers. One of the requirements to becoming a Direct Partner is to be a Gold Partner for the Cloud Platform competency, which Softronic has been for almost 4 years.

Certification Letter Microsoft