Management of Dynamics 365 CRM and e-service on SharePoint

Application management of operational systems.

Management of Dynamics 365 CRM and e-service on SharePoint

Do you use Dynamics 365 CRM, but you do not think that it is being used as well as it could be? Do you find it difficult to see the value in your system and feel that you need a new partner to manage your operational system so that it works best for your particular situation?


Softfronic was commissioned by the children and youth services in Stockholm to carry out the application management of their operational system, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and their e-service, which is based on SharePoint from Microsoft. These services are tasked with organising and carrying out summer activities for children and young people. The tasks that need to be managed in their systems are the application process, checks, allocation, follow-up and reporting. The goal of this project is to increase this service to the citizens and the number of applications to these services, and to reduce administration by approximately 70%.


The project is run by Softronic’s consultants, while internal resources from the operations are used as required. As these operations are seasonal, the necessary measures are only needed during the application window, while the other changes relate to the remainder of the year in preparation for the following season. All tasks, relating to both support and changes, are planned, prioritised and implemented as agreed between Softronic and the operations.

Softronic has held workshops and meetings with the customer to chart processes and opportunities so that it can manage and improve the operational system.

Functions in this platform:

  • Managing applications (2019, approximately 10,000 places were booked via the e-service, which has a digitalisation rate of approximately 95%)
  • Fee management
  • Queue management and allocation of places
  • Information mailings and confirmations
  • Statistics and follow-up
  • Integrations

In 2020, new political directives were issued that impacted the operations as they have needed to have a new allocation policy. Some of these directives mean, for example, that more places have to be allocated to children and young people from vulnerable areas, and stricter requirements to look after children with disabilities.


Softronic’s project resources have been working effectively with the customer to improve the customer’s processes and operations. While the upgrade projects have been carried out, new functionality has been developed in the basic platform, so the solutions that had been developed in the system have been replaced in order to use standard functionality as far as possible. During this process, Softronic has been involved in every aspect of managing the operational platform. Softronic has also been responsible for updating user manuals and supporting the production of test materials, test cases and test protocols.