A digital service that is efficient, provides a better overview and control, manages powers of attorney within the life and pension area for both private individuals and companies.

Fullmaktskollen has allowed us to take a major step forward, from the complex handling of powers of attorney on paper, to simple digital processing. We’ve done all of this to make life easier for consumers and companies. Many different parties, both large and small, registered their interest in connecting to the service right from the start.

Anders Dahlgren, CEO of Fullmaktskollen i Sverige AB


Fullmaktskollen is a collaboration between Insurance Sweden, the Swedish Insurance Brokers’ Association and the Swedish Pensions Agency.

As part of this service, consumers and companies can sign, extend and revoke powers of attorney, and find out how long they are valid, all free of charge. The service is financed by the parties connected to the system and is free for consumers.

Better overview and control

The e-service Fullmaktskollen makes life easier for companies that used to handle many powers of attorney manually. The process is now quicker and more secure.

Fullmaktskollen is built using the latest technology from Microsoft. Fullmaktskollen is a joint service for the insurance industry, developed to make life easier for consumers and companies.

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