Haninge Municipality – website

Nya haninge.se was launched in the autumn of 2015. In March 2016 it was named Municipal Site of the Year by the Swedish magazine Internetworld.

We now have a website that meets the needs of our target groups in the best way possible and strengthens our brand. We’re impressed by Softronic’s ability to find solutions for all of our requirements and wishes. They found the perfect solution for the design, availability and functions.

Magnus Börjesson, Communications Developer at Haninge Municipality

Haninge kommun – webbplats

Haninge Municipality has 83,000 residents and 5,000 municipal employees, making it one of the largest municipalities in the county of Stockholm.

One site for all residents, irrespective of their circumstances

Haninge Municipality decided to set up this new website to meet the need for modern web communication. The structure, search and layout were problem areas that had been identified and needed to be developed.

The new haninge.se is built in Episerver and operated in Microsoft’s Azure. The website was developed with a focus on responsive design and accessibility for mobile use.

The website has approximately 20,000 unique visits per week. In March 2016 haninge.se was named Municipal Site of the Year by the Swedish magazine Internetworld.

These were the reasons given: “A brand new site was launched this autumn, where all residents, irrespective of their circumstances, could find the information they need and access e-services. With just the right amount of refinement, naturally adapted for mobiles, and striking a good balance between being friendly and official.”

Softronic helped with the UX, design and development. Softronic also developed Haninge’s new intranet, which was delivered in the spring of 2016.

Monica Lindén