Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services

An award-winning integration platform and national portal for inhabitants and healthcare providers. This is the result of many years’ work with Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services.

The digitalisation of healthcare is advancing quickly, with greater demands for change to take place. We feel confident because of Softronic’s solid experience and breadth in e-health.

Kim Nordlander, Unit Manager 1177 Healthcare Guide, Department for E-health and Strategic IT

Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services

Over the years Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services have developed to become a national portal for e-services for both the public and healthcare providers, making communication on healthcare matters easier between the public and people working in healthcare.

All county councils and regions are connected to Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services. For the public, Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services are described as a collection of personal e-services, where the public can simply and securely contact healthcare services or their own healthcare provider, and get an overview of their own health and care.

It is also easy for the public to get an overview of their health and their healthcare relationships. Examples of e-services that are offered to the public are booking appointments, ordering repeat prescriptions, viewing test results, receiving treatment and follow-up, reading their healthcare documents and getting support in other ways in their treatment process. Healthcare staff have their own access to Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services. At the same time, Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services also act as an integration platform, which integrates with several services on Nationella Tjänsteplattformen (the National Service Platform). Integration with the National Service Platform and other national services is enabled through a joint service contract in line with RIV-TA.

The national directives in e-health are realised within the framework of Softronic’s management of Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services.

Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services also provide Single Sign On for approximately 20 healthcare provider services and around 40 services for the general public, for example, My certificates and Records online. At Softronic we are responsible for ensuring that Healthcare Guide 1177’s e-services meet the requirements that have been set. We do this by making sure that the architecture and solution comply with national guidelines within e-health, acts and regulations stipulated in the Swedish Patient Data Acts (1998:204 and 2008:355), as well as new technical requirements/opportunities.

Softronic also works on integrating this e-service with the National Service Platform and the relevant service contracts.