Huddinge Municipality – information security

How can you increase your digitalisation, while also meeting data protection requirements from the National Board of Health and Welfare and the Swedish Data Protection Authority?

There are national ambitions for digital to be people’s first choice. The processes are quicker and less paper is required. The fact that Huddinge Municipality has been authorised as an issuer of Swedish eIDs means that other actors trust us when we communicate with them.

Toralf Nilsson, Deputy Municipal Chief Executive

Huddinge kommun – information security

Huddinge Municipality is the first municipality to meet the requirements set by the Swedish E-identification Board to issue eIDs with a Swedish eID trust mark.

Introducing eIDs

The introduction project was run by Softronic, which was commissioned to introduce eIDs with personal work cards (using smartcard technology) in accordance with the requirements for Swedish eIDs for all municipal employees. As well as the work card, the supportive technical infrastructure that was required was introduced, as well as several new processes and procedures. This means that the employees of Huddinge Municipality now have eIDs (with the same trust level as bankID and SITHS) that can be used in their job when working with authorities and the general public. The card can also be used for access checks when entering premises and when inside the premises.

Johan Malmborg