Kungsängen e-commerce

An e-commerce solution that helped Kungsängen to take the next step in a multi-channel strategy, where customers are increasingly to be found in a digitalised world.

This e-commerce solution has helped us to increase our total sales for the entire company, so we are extremely happy.

Peter Gustavsson, CEO Kungsängen

Kungsängen e-commerce

In the autumn of 2014 Kungsängen decided to replace its old website (where customers could not make purchases) with a brand new e-commerce solution based on the Magento Community platform.

What was important for Kungsängen was for customers to be able to make purchases online and not only look at the products. This new e-commerce solution also had to be a good complement to the customers’ purchasing process, so that e-commerce could support them before or after they visited a store.

The major requirements were therefore to develop an e-commerce solution that could help customers find, adapt and buy the correct bed quickly and simply.

E-commerce that supports Kungsängen in their multi-channel strategy

Softronic was commissioned to develop Kungsängen’s new e-commerce solution as Kungsängen thought that Softronic had a solution that matched their needs and had experience of several similar solutions. In this project, Softronic based the solution on the standard list that it has developed for what an e-commerce solution should contain.

This list is based on experiences of similar projects. This resulted in the preliminary study phase being carried out quickly and smoothly, with the entire project being delivered in just a few months.

The platform is Magento Community, which is a strategic e-commerce platform for Softronic.

Softronic also helped to implement Google Analytics and helped Kungsängen to analyse data from Google Analytics, showing them how to use this as effectively as possible.

The tracking tool Hotjar has also been used and Softronic showed Kungsängen how useful this tool could be to track and analyse visitor behaviour.

Softronic is also responsible for the launch of the e-commerce solution, for managing and further developing the solution, and acts as an advisor to Kungsängen in e-commerce issues.