A dynamic business system for long-term and sustainable growth adapted to the company’s unique needs – a holistic solution adapted to Polarbröd’s reality.

We have a strong spirit of collaboration. Softronic has an in-depth understanding of our operations and is helping us to streamline our processes.

Mikael Lundström, Head of IT at Polarbröd


Polarkakan crispbread and flatbread are common foods on Swedish breakfast tables. This family company from Norrland in the north of Sweden has been on a journey of success for 43 years, always working actively on sustainability issues.

Polarbröd is now Sweden’s third biggest producer of bread. To ensure long-term and sustainable growth, Polarbröd requested a dynamic business system that could be adapted to the unique needs of the company. Softronic’s knowledge of the food industry proved decisive in providing the relevant functionality for managing the company’s processes.

Drive supported by the right technology

This technical platform has created the perfect foundation for Polarbröd’s development work. It ensures traceability in production, while the coordination between the departments makes the launch of new products easier. Polarbröd’s focus on sustainability, including everything from investing in its own wind power to developing organic products, is now supported by the right technology.

The business system, based on Microsoft’s robust technology, was implemented in January 2013.

The holistic solution supports all of the fundamental processes in the business, including finance, purchasing, sales, production and warehousing. As well as the functionality that has been adapted to the industry, modules have been added for managing quality and workflows.