Randstad’s operations depend on quick and dynamic adaptations on a competitive market, which requires close collaboration – an IT partnership.

Since 2013 Randstad, formerly Proffice Group, has been working closely with Softronic to develop and manage Proffice’s ERP system effectively. Along this journey Softronic has shown a high level of commitment and expertise, and has understood our business and our needs. For Randstad as a company, it is important for us not only to be efficient in our current technical environment, but also to be able to adapt more quickly to the development of services in our dynamic market, and this is where Softronic is such a good partner.

Mikael Estenthal, CIO for Randstad in the Nordic Region.


In 2016 Randstad acquired the Nordic recruitment company Proffice Group. That autumn Proffice changed its name to Randstad.

As with many other industries, it is essential for the recruitment industry to have an efficient technical environment, as this helps them to develop their services and increase their competitiveness. In 2013 Randstad decided to hire Softronic as a partner to stabilise and improve its business-critical ERP system in the Nordic region.

As a supplier we are responsible for…

…making sure that the technical environment has the stability in both the short and long term that Randstad needs to remain successful in a tough competitive market. We supply expertise in both the application management and development of Randstad’s ERP system. We plan and lead the activities that are needed and that are carried out on a daily basis using agile principles. The comprehensive development and management plan requires a wide range of competences from us as a supplier. Our team comprises experienced technical project managers, architects, developers, business analysts and testers.

Since the companies started to work together, stability has gradually increased, while the improvement in the technical infrastructure has resulted in new functionality being launched more quickly than before. Long-term confidence has been built, which has enabled Randstad to focus on new business and improving its existing business.

Johan Andersson