RPA robots speed up IF Metall’s unemployment insurance fund

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the number of people who are unemployed in the country has increased dramatically in Sweden, which has significantly increased the workload on the unemployment insurance funds. RPA can be the solution for streamlining operations and providing better service.

RPA is a technology of the future that we believe can enable us to help our members more quickly.

Joakim Selling, IT Manager at IF Metall’s unemployment insurance fund

RPA robots speed up IF Metall’s unemployment insurance fund

Softronic has started collaborating with IF Metall’s unemployment insurance fund, which includes developing and operating RPA robots to manage standardised communication, taking the pressure of its administrators.

The development and operation of RPA robots also includes incoming messages from the Swedish Public Employment Service, a process that has now been mapped and mostly automated.

The result is that the robot now operates 24/7 and in only its first month it was able to handle more than half of these kinds of messages.

What is RPA?

RPA, Robotic Process Automation, creates value rapidly by automating repetitive tasks. The technology provides valuable information and data about what kind of automation solution you could have, the problems it could solve and the potential opportunities for your specific business and environment. Using RPA we can easily automate what we do in front of the computer without integrating it with underlying systems. This can be either fully automated or part of a workflow that is controlled and determined by the staff.


Emil Bengtsson