Our collaboration with Softronic enables us to continually develop our services through close dialogue with the developers in our team at Softronic, while also having access to all of Softronic’s extensive expertise when we need it. This allows us to develop new solutions fairly quickly, while providing a stable platform for our services in the long term. This is something we really appreciate about working with Softronic.

Hans Karlsson, CEO of VVS Info

RSK database – Sweden’s most extensive HVAC database

The RSK database is the HVAC industry’s comprehensive product database, containing 480,000 items and more than 80% of Sweden’s HVAC’s products.

Softronic has worked with its customer, VVS Info, to transform the RSK database from a bank of product catalogue numbers to becoming perhaps one of the most extensive HVAC product information databases in the world. The database now contains images, documents and instructions. It is fully Internet-based and is used daily by the various companies and organisations in the sector.

Softronic has been working with this customer since 2013 and the team has taken on various roles over the years. However, there has always been a core team comprising a management leader, developer and solution architect.

This has resulted in a very user-friendly database that saves the stakeholders time because all the information is in one place.

You can read more about VVS Info and the RSK database here: https://www.vvsinfo.se/