Convenient mobile app for 1177 Healthcare Guide

An app that simplifies the use of and its e-services on mobiles.

What has been key to the success of this time-pressured project has been the fact that all of the parties have been solution-oriented, pragmatic and open. This has also made the work enjoyable and educational.

Åsa Liljegren, Project Manager, Inera AB

Convenient mobile app for 1177 Healthcare Guide

Softronic was commissioned to build an app to make life easier for everyone living in Sweden to access 1177 Healthcare Guide’s various services. The first version of this app can now be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

The project was carried out in partnership with Inera AB, which owns 1177 Healthcare Guide, and Region Stockholm. The strategy is to launch a simple and less complicated app to start with, which will still add value by being easier to use. Softronic developed this app using a design that had been tested and adapted to make sure that it could be used by everyone, including people with different kinds of functional impairment.

The app is now going to be evaluated before being further developed. Priority will be given to the needs and functionality that will be most beneficial to the users.

This app is part of Inera’s work with Första Linjen’s digital care (First Line, a mental health service for children and adolescents). It focuses on how digital solutions can help meet the need to admit and guide the patient in the healthcare system. This work aims to increase accessibility to the correct information and the correct care, offer more channels and give people the chance to do more by themselves.

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Anders Wannfors