Episerver (soon Optimizely) & UX are getting married!

Do you have a CMS tool that is complicated and does not meet all the requirements from editors and developers? Do you have a lot of content that needs to be structured and made available in a user-friendly, simple and convenient way? Does your website not meet the high demands from your visitors?

A website is the company’s face to the outside world and forms an incredibly important part of building a company’s brand. You will lose users, i.e. visitors, if they feel that they cannot find relevant information or that the website does not work well on different platforms (mobiles, tablets, PCs).

We know that good user experiences are the result of methodical work – all the way from strategy and analysis to the concept/design, development, testing and deployment.

A web project always starts with the strategy work. We need answers to a number of questions so that we can develop a bespoke customer solution. The questions include everything from the customer’s operations and offers, to their target groups and competitors. Knowledge based on experience combined with innovative ideas are at the heart of this digital solution.

We work with you to take you through the entire design process until you reach your final destination; your new website!

Why Episerver (soon Optimizely)?

  • It is easy to edit and optimise content. By having a simple editor interface with drag-and-drop for content, blocks and images, it is easy for the editor to create interesting content for the site.
  • Support for an adaptive and responsive design, with pre-built components that adapt to the device’s screen.
  • Smart media management for images, videos and documents with a simple way of making changes and keeping check on all media.

Episerver also has support for automated A/B tests. A/B tests enable you to optimise content such as text, headings, images, forms and buttons, which makes the design process and the work of the UX designer much easier.

In addition, Episerver offers personalisation add-ons to allow visitors to see unique content, such as recommendations, instead of showing the same page to all visitors.

Google Analytics can of course be integrated with Episerver to collect and analyse visitor statistics for your website. This tool can be used to obtain information about the number of page views, the average time of a visit to the page, bounce rate, etc.

The UX designer – the link between the operations and the development team

We always recommend having a UX designer on board throughout the entire project, as the UX designer has a holistic perspective and is the link between the operations and the development team. ​

Using analyses and structured methods, the UX designer finds out as much as possible about needs and wishes and about the ways users interact with the product or system. Based on this research, the UX designer develops the concept design, the interaction design and the design of user flows that the developer can work with.

Softronic Premium Solution Partner for Episerver (soon Optimizely)

Softronic has been working with Episerver’s product suite since 2008 and has many experienced consultants with specialist competence in selected areas of Episerver’s product suite.

We are a Premium Solution Partner for Episerver (soon Optimizely) and we are a member of an exclusive partner advisory council that, along with Episerver, looks at ways, for example, to further develop the platform. We have expert skills in building our solutions so that they are fully adapted to mobile platforms. We also work on producing designs and concepts, and help our customers with digital strategies to ensure that they get the maximum impact from their digital presence.

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If you have any questions, please contact Monica Lindén, monica.linden@softronic.se for more information.