Expert evaluation of a website or operational system

Is your information in the right place? Is your website or system easy to use and does it comply with recognised standards? Performing an expert evaluation can help you understand what you need to do to take your website or your operational system to the next level.

Nowadays it is not enough for a service to simply work; a good user experience is now essential if the users are going to be satisfied and stay with you.

Investing in an expert evaluation will ensure the quality of the user experience for your customers.

What can it do for you as a company/organisation?

  • An expert evaluation is a very cost-effective way of identifying your biggest usability issues.
  • You receive a detailed summary of the usability problems of your service, ranked by how serious they are.
  • This summary includes proposals of how to solve usability problems in the best way to achieve a better level of usability.

How does it work?

Two to three usability experts perform a ‘heuristic’ expert evaluation independent of each other of your website or operational system in order to identify any usability problems.

The features that we look at include:

  • Navigation
  • Information structure
  • Interaction
  • Uniformity
  • Responsiveness


We compile all the results from the evaluation into one report. This report summarises any failures that were observed along with recommendations.

  • These failures are ranked by how serious they are, which makes it easy for you to prioritise and to help you plan for any actions that you decide to take.
  • The report provides examples of solution proposals for the most serious problems.

As a customer you receive extremely concrete and useful information on how to improve and develop your operational system – or website based on the needs of your users.


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