Web projects – we develop, design and deliver your website

Does your current website not meet the demands from your visitors? Are you losing website conversions? Would you like to change platforms or simply build a new one? A website is your face to the outside world and forms an important part of building a company’s brand. At Softronic we have extensive experience of building websites in both Episerver (soon Optimizely) and WordPress. We work with you to take you through the entire web project until you reach your final destination; your new website!

A web project always starts with the strategy work. We need answers to a number of questions so that we can develop a bespoke customer solution. The questions include everything from the customer’s operations and offers, to their target groups and competitors. Knowledge based on experience combined with innovative ideas are at the heart of this digital solution.

Project management is an essential element of building a new website. A web project needs to have a detailed project plan that includes a time and resource plan, a budget and a description of other important conditions for the project. ​​

The project organisation often comprises a project manager, a technical project manager, UX designers, developers, testers and product owners. As a customer, you also need to set up a project team. We will support you in identifying the skills you require. ​

Both internal and external steering group meetings are held during the project. Status meetings take place within the team on a daily basis to create close and effective collaboration. Status meetings are normally held with the customer once a week during the project. Reports are written after every meeting and sent to the stakeholders.


We have many customers including Information about Sweden, Fullmaktskollen and VVS Info.


Would you like more information or a quote? Contact Monica Lindén, monica.linden@softronic.se