A lifeline for new arrivals​ – Information Sverige

When the Swedish Integration Board was closed in 2007, Sweden’s county administrative boards took over a lot of the responsibility for the reception of refugees. The website Informationsverige.se was created as an important digital tool. The goal was to make it easier for new arrivals to get correct information about accommodation, work, education, care –  and to collect all this information in one single location.

Softronic was entrusted with building the website, which was launched in 2009 in about ten languages. The accessibility was ensured from the very beginning by new arrivals being systematically referred to this new website by the Swedish Public Employment Service and the Swedish Migration Agency and then later by other authorities and municipalities.

​In 2014 the government tasked county administrative boards to develop the information they provide to new arrivals, further strengthening the position of informationsverige.se.​

​The development of Information Sweden is a typical example of Softronic’s long-term vision in its customer relationships, where we have been involved right from the start and have also won procurements to extend the assignment.​